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15 Years Experience

We have been honing our knowledge since 1998. Let us show you what experience can do for your damper program. from – “Hot Rod to Hyundai” – “Vintage to Grand AM DP” – “Oregon to Slovenia” – we are here to help.

Interested in your Race Car – Not Just a box Company

We are interested in your vehicle and your race car. Not just an internet company looking to sell you a box. We are there from your first set of dampers to your last.

Attention to Details

Our customers noticed this in our manufacture of our own racing products  – then asked “can you tune my xyz shock”, so we listened and applied our knowledge to the shock that may even be in your car.

Design Engineering and Manufacturing

We apply the experience we have gained and continue to gain to every new damper and component. Manufacturing is held to the highest quality we meet or exceed many standard tolerances.

The ANZE Advantage!

Versatility and Superior Performance by Design

Main Piston Tuning:

Separation of Compression and Rebound Forces:

Precision Machine Tolerance:

ANZE Suspension is scalable and upgradeable:

PENSKE Racing Shocks is our technical supplier:

ANZE Suspension can take you from mid pack to front of the pack!

ANZE Suspension is designed around your specifications and requirements, not a one size fits all philosophy.  You get what you want, not a compromise.

A fast car is not one that is quirky or difficult to drive.  A fast car is comfortable and feels good underneath you. A fast car communicates with the driver.  Confidence in the car results in quicker lap times.