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Part Number: NIT-0400

Product Name: N2 Shock Inflator Kit – 400 PSI


The #NIT-0400 Shock Filler Kit is the latest version of the industry’s favorite on-the-go shock service kit. It will inflate shocks and bump stops up to 400 psi. This complete kit includes a heavy ABS case to keep parts organized and clean, custom foam inserts to keep parts protected, SIG-5600 PRO Series shock inflator tool (the industry favorite shock tool), Sidearm PRO Series regulator (easy to use, ultra reliable), aluminum N2 bottle with shoulder sling (gives you two free hands when you most need it), N2 Power Filler (to refill the kit bottle from a larger N2 tank), Stainless steel wrench (to quickly R&R the N2 Power Filler), and extra seals for the bottle valve just in case.

List Price: $599.44             Our Price: $499.95           You Save: $99.49