Nitron Suspension Models

Engineered in the UK

Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998. Founded by Guy Evans, the Nitron-SAOxfordshire-based company has gone from strength to strength, producing winning shocks for customers all over the world. There are now over 200 Nitron dealers across Europe, Asia, the US, Australasia and Africa.

In 2008, Nitron moved to a new facility in the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’ in line with the company’s expansion programme. This allowed for an increase in production and a continuation of Nitron’s ability to push the limits of suspension technology using state-of-the-art Dynomometers, 5-Axis CNC machines and the latest 3D CAD techniques.

Nitron shocks are billet machined and hand built entirely in the UK. Each fully-serviceable shock is customised to your specific spring and damping configuration requirements by our highly experienced team. Aesthetics also play a vital part of our design process to ensure that the look and feel of our shocks rank among the best in the world.

Nitron benefits from a design team with an accumulated experience covering machining, materials technology, hydraulics, bike engineering and F1 racing. Many even have experience as competitive drivers and riders themselves. The ability to draw upon such a wealth of knowledge provides Nitron with an insight into the industry that very few can compete against.


Price isn’t always a true indicator of performance.

Consistently proven to outperform suspension systems costing considerably more, Nitron’s technology and reliability is available at a price to suit most budgets.

Every shock in the NTR range is based on a modular design and stems from the same standardised race parts. This means that Nitron is able to rapidly manufacture shocks from the same components used to set Nurburgring lap records without the associated costs. It also allows all our customers to benefit from the feedback Nitron has gained from extensive testing with drivers at the top level.