ANZE Race Engineering

ANZE Race Engrg-WGI Elevation MapMove your Program to the next level by optimizing your chassis setup.

The level of technology that has to be applied to achieve the goals of; “ultimate grip”, “driver feel”, “car balance” and “the zone” is usually associated with Formula One racing and unlimited budgets. That is partially correct, it has to do with continual improvement, applied knowledge and experience. In short, a well trained and experienced race engineer can help your race team achieve those goals. That knowledge, experience and technology can be applied to your program by ANZE Engineering. We are ready to assist you in making the the right decisions to achieve your goals.


Development Tools

We can give you the tools and to move your program to the next level.

ANZE can boost your program from the simplest of forms and information to the complexities if new damper valving research and developement.The choice is yours, whether its to improve personal times at “the Glen” or looking for the next championship points leading win.