Suspension Design & Engineering

ANZE Suspension Design

ANZE Design-Evo Struts-1“ANZE has the largest range of fitment applications”

We cover your suspension needs, from SCCA Touring and Autocross to IHRA Pro Stock. We have the ability to meet your needs and the rules. Other companies have one product on the shelf to “bolt on”, they can’t handle the customization that may be necessary for your project.

 ….are designed for your needs, from full race, to rules specific, or the driven on Sunday special.

ANZE Suspension designs and manufactures suspension kits to adapt production based strut and shock applications to receive the highest quality damper within your budget. Currently, ANZE Suspension and ANZE Racing Struts are being manufactured to fit ….. Applications…..

Penske Racing Shocks supply the damping and together provide – “What the customer wants”; the best racing strut possible for production based vehicles.

You can find our struts in vehicles from drag strips to road racing venues across America.

Rules Specific Design

ANZE Design-Evo T2 Strut-1Built for your specific application.

“the rules say I have to run the stock spring and upper mount” – We built a triple adjustable strut in its place, and won the SCCA Runoffs in T3……..and T1 and T2 numerous times.

ANZE Suspension designs the components that are needed to fit or adapt the to your shock application; we are shock fitment specialist. ANZE is the only company in the United States authorized to do this type of fitment for Penske Racing Shocks. If they trust us, so can you. We proudly meet or exceed Penske Racing Shocks high level of quality.

ANZE develops “kits” and “custom fitments for all vehicles. The “best” damper is now available for your racing vehicle. Not just off the shelf. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a certain design intent, we can “build to order” or custom design your suspension needs.

Some of our Fitments that are now available for you:

  • Nova Rear Ladder Bar Car with a 9″
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • Audi B8 S4
  • Alfa Romeo 147
  • Peugeot 104

Custom Design

ANZE Design-Mustang Struts-1Built for your specific application.

Not just off the shelf. If you cant find what you are looking for or have a certain design intent, we can “build to order” or custom design your suspension needs.

Whether it’s a car that has never been attempted (Volvo S70 – for Paul Newman) or you just want a lowered Corvette not to bottom the shocks, we are always ready to listen and accomplish your needs.

  • Custom Valving
  • Shortened Body Length
  • Custom Body Design
  • Clevis Adapters
  • Dyno Testing
  • Shock Program Evaluation

High Quality

ANZE Racing Struts and ComponentsANZE Design-Strut Tube Mirrror-1

It takes a great deal of precise engineering and manufacturing to build dampers that function properly and repeatable without compromise.  At ANZE Engineering we excell in these areas, giving you the confidence in your suspension to do what it needs to do when it counts. We offer a unique service of custom engineered fitment and manufacture of suspension component for unique applications. Please call for special projects and engineering.

Penske Renowned Damping

Penske Racing Shocks supply high quality damping to ANZE Racing Struts.

Penske Racing Shocks are the foremost leader in race car damping technology. Penske Racing Shocks did not produce racing struts. We took on this challenge, bringing Penske Damping technology to a racing strut since 1998. You get this high level damping precision inside of ANZE Racing Struts. ANZE also designs and manufactures the fitment components needed to adapt a Penske Racing Shock to your production based shock application.

  • Race Proven Design
  • Expertly Engineered
  • Precision Manufactured
  • Clevis Adapters
  • Damped by Penske Racing Shocks
  • Track side Support
  • Made in America
  • Custom Valving
  • Custom Body Design

Design Engineering Manufacturing - Other Projects

Product Development

Racing is about continual improvement and optimizing every last detail.

Race vehicle product design is one of the capabilities customers seek at ANZE Engineering. The reason is simple: an improved product or racing part does its job more efficiently which means more speed. Product design and development projects range CFD of rear wing assembly to product failure definition, redesign, manufacturing and installation. ANZE Engineering is ready to help you advance the quality and efficiency of your next design project; achieve your design objectives, get them into production, and deliver them to the track faster and more economically.
  • Racing Vehicle Components
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Performance Aftermarket Parts
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Industrial Products

Engineered Solutions

ANZE products and engineered solutions. Improving products for our customers is our goal. Each project draws from our experience gained in many disciplines. From tier one design to the “big three” to nuclear medical equipment to racing teams and vehicle designers.

  • Mil Spec Side Pod Cable
  • Improved Front Skid Plate
  • Areo Study of Rear Wing Assembly
  • Improved Throttle Bracket
  • Formula Renault Roll Bar
  • Universal Throwout Bearing
  • Remote Canister Brackets
  • Sealed Thrust bearings