1998 It Started

Cosmo-94VD-1In 1998, after a successful racing season working as chief mechanic for Guy Cosmo, Angelo Zarra decided to formally start ANZE Engineering to provide high-level race engineering services and engineered products.  Since its inception, ANZE has been race engineering highly competitive formula cars in professional and national competition.

Customer requests for “high performance racing struts” influenced Angelo embark on developing “ANZE Racing Struts”.


ANZE Suspension Kits

Solstice-KnANZE Suspension kits are currently available for many racing classes and can be custom tailored to meet the rules of many sanctioning bodies.  You can find our struts in various vehicles and venues, from drag strips to road racing, and everything in between, across America and elsewhere in the world.

ANZE Racing Struts are Born

SCCA_RO_04_AS_Qual2_046In the late 90’s and early 2000’s SCCA National racers and other competitive racers were looking for more high performance suspension options for their production based sedans, coupes, and sports cars, many of which utilized a McPherson strut front suspension design.  Through a strategic alliance with PENSKE Racing Shocks, ANZE Suspension provides the customer with high performance struts that are damped by PENSKE Racing Shocks components.

With an intimate knowledge of the racing venue, exceptional track side engineering experience and high level design and manufacturing skills, ANZE provides the customer with a high quality strut that is damped by the highest quality components.

ANZE Suspension Service Expands

Service 2013

Service 2011

Manufacturer of high performance racing struts with PENSKE Racing Shocks damping components. Designer and manufacturer of fitment kits and custom shock adapter components.

Authorized Sales and Service  for PENSKE, OHLINS, JRZ, AST, MOTON, MCS, NITRON, BILSTEIN, KONI and more!



Angelo Zarra
Race experience from 1998 devoted to making race cars faster.
Andrew Wikstrom
Frequently at the track coaching and providing technical support.
Veran Madray
We keep him locked in the basement, chained to the shock dyno.
Will Velkoff
We keep him locked in the office, chained to the the CAD station.

Our Blog/History

2012 CTCC Super Touring Class Championship

Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Sascha Anis

2010 CTCC Touring Class Championship

Honda Civic – Anthony Rapone


Road Racing91%
Damper Designour specialty
Chassis Set UP80%
Auto Crossstx champ
Drag Racinget killer